The Zimtor building

The Zimtor house. The entire house is dedicated to child care since I live at a different house.

Children at lunch

The backyard looking northeast. I plan to add a playground set, a covered sandbox, and an outdoor block set.

Main Classroom Looking South

The main classroom looking south. I use some Montessori materials, like the Geometric Solids seen in this picture, where I believe they are useful, but I use a wide variety of other materials as well.

Main Classroom Lookin North

The main classroom looking north. The large open area is used for group activities and for floor-based materials.

Art and Science Classroom

The art and science classroom. Art and science materials are stored in the kitchen cabinets. The water table is used for a variety of art and science activities.

Crib and Changing Room

The crib and changing room. Older children sleep on cots in the main classroom.